Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring is going to be a stunner

According to a news item on the BBC, the consolation prize for our long hard winter is going to be a stunning spring.

Matthew Oates, the National Trust's conservation advisor, says
One of the problems with early, rushed springs is the flowers and butterflies then get clobbered by foul and abusive [spring] weather

By contrast a late spring following a cold winter means the animals have all had a proper hibernation, and plants emerge over a longer period in successive waves. I hope he's right. I've had about as much manky weather as I can stand.


Kitty said...

Well, good. Bring it on.

I'm waiting.

(...and the daffs in the border opposite are yellowing up but have still NOT yet bust out into flower!)

Plus: Thanks for that Vivaldi moment, I needed that :)

Warm hugs and quiches from Kitty

Matron said...

Oh, I hope so! lots of trees and plants are set back with late frosts just when they are thinking of getting going. I hope they progress well in this lovely, warm Spring weather.

Anonymous said...

Still no daffs for me - and still wet and cold weather - where is the spring sun coming to us in the hills of North Wales?.....