Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ed and Steph (with help from me and Guy) spruced up our garden pond, which was being reclaimed by nature. It was more of a garden swamp than a garden pond. But now the quantity of pond plants has been greatly reduced, the water has been topped up. The child-safe grille has been removed, and the turf has been trimmed back.

Living in the pond are 5 (non-native) fat goldfish, 2 different species of frog (common frog and British pond frog), smooth newts and common toads. Not to mention all the insect life attracted to the water. It's pleasant just to sit by the pond and watch the comings and goings of the wildlife.


Anonymous said...

Sounds idyllic :)

Yellow said...

The frogs are as bold as brass and the high grass running along the hedge from the pond to the compost heap makes a great safe highway for them. I wish I knew what more of the insects were.