Thursday, December 17, 2009

Copenhagen - The House is on Fire!

Sometimes, when our house is looking very messy, I might balk at the idea of tidying it by myself and ask the kids to lend a hand.
"But I need to finish this level of my computer game!"
"Ummm, I suddenly need the toilet. See you!"
"I'm too little! I'm tired! Will you help me?"
Ah well, it's human nature.

But if the house was on fire I don't think I'd get these responses. I think it would be amazing how unimportant computer games and lavatory needs and tired little legs would become. The family would respond quickly and efficiently in saving everyone's lives.

So why is it that the climate talks at Copenhagen are 18 hours behind, and look like they will result in no agreement at all? This isn't a negotiation about cabbage trading. It's no time to quibble and stall to protect some finagling point of national interests. Our house is on fire!
For God's sake, will everybody shut up and grab a bucket?


gianfalco said...

Warming or warning? That is the problem...

Joanna said...

Prince Charles had it right: no-one will remember whatcwe said, just what we did. And you're so right about the house on fire

fingers crossed

Umatji said...

I so agree. I think a better plan would be to get a child from each country to meet as a group and make the decisions and then get a bunch of economists to work out how to make it work - not fuss just make it work. Honestly - governments are hopeless.

Unknown said...

Love your blog....