Saturday, November 21, 2009

Craft Day

I had a fantasic day today with my sister Lindsey and her husband Andrew. We met up in Poynton and visited my favourite hand-crafted gift shop, Warm Earth Gifts. Afterwards we had coffee in a pavement cafe next door. And then we went back to my place for lunch and spent a fabulous afternoon making crafts in my studio/shed. Lindsey made a gorgeous ring, and helped Sam make an amazing wire-work bat. I'll show you some photos of that later. And I made this quilted clutch purse from my fabric stash and a few other items. I had a wonderful time, and with any luck we will be doing it again soon.


Anonymous said...

Quite taken with the idea of the "kindest gifted maverick" :)


ana said...

Hard to imagine a nicer day!!! Love the purse. What a talented family! Thanks for sharing.