Monday, April 19, 2010

Blakemere Craft Centre

Today I am at Blakemere Craft Centre with Lindsey and my dad. It has all kinds of craft shops, including craft materials and crafted items. I am enjoying browsing but mostly I am enjoying spending time with people I love.

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Christine said...

Nice blog! I stumbled across it while searching for some yummy sprout recipes. I read through this weeks and last weeks posts. You have a nice writting style - very descriptive. I think a lot of people start a blog thinking it has to be about one thing - looks like you may have struggled with that for a bit, then you said hey whatever. I think you blog is going in a good direction. I really enjoyed reading your experiences and thoughts. Nice doggy! Very cool post on the 2 birds. I also enjoyed your post about the car - the one that made you laugh (snort!).

~from Christine in Illinois