Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dig In

The have a great website called Dig In which is full of resources to help beginners grow their own fruit and veg.

There are tips on what you can grow in any space, from a windowsill to a back garden, advice on specific crops including french beans, courgettes, carrots and salad leaves, and many more.There are videos to watch, and message boards to show of your successes and ask for help with your disasters.

There is even a touring bus where you can take part in workshops and activities, get advice from expert gardeners, and pick up free seeds.

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Yellow said...

It's a fun site. I've added it to my favorites. I may even send them in a photo or two. The guy in the upstairs flat was admiring what I'd done with the garden, and said he thought some red hot pokers would look great. Yesterday I got 6 roots for £1, and planted them in a BIG pot, so I can move them around for best effect, if they grow that is. I've ben adding flowers to my fruit & veg, because they look pretty. I can rationalise it by saying they attract pollinators, but I like pretty flowers. My son chose some panseys yesterday just because they were called Frizzle Izzle, or something like that.