Saturday, April 03, 2010

Pure Ubu Beer

I picked up a bottle of Pure Ubu premium Amber ale at Tesco and popped the top off as soon as I had finished putting away the shopping. Gosh, it's nice. Hoppy and fragrant, not too sweet and with nice degree of bitterness. It's a smidge strong for a session beer to my mind, but that's what it tastes like. If Hobgoblin is a bit too sweet for you, as it is for me, you might find this a nice quaffable alternative.


Unknown said...


If you like Ubu, you'll love Brewdog's Punk IPA. It's a very hoppy beer (as IPA should be) and not in the slightest bit sweet.

It's sold in Tesco (which is where I get my supplies!) , Sainsburys and Waitrose I believe.


Sirkka´s photo and art said...

Hope the UBU gets to Sweden :o)

Drew said...

I wonder, is this the same Ubu from "Sit Ubu, sit"?