Monday, October 15, 2007

Tesco in Poynton

Tesco is proposing to build a new supermarket right here in Poynton. We're lucky to be well served by a good range of local shops and businesses already. For example I get a lot of my fruit and veg from Norman, the greengrocer and fishmonger who also sells frozen game. There are a couple of other greengrocers in the village as well. And there is a wonderful butcher on Chester Road who does marvellous free range chickens, gorgeous bacon and delicious Lincolnshire sausages. Again, he's not the only butcher in the village. There is a large Co-Op convenience store, there's a small Somerfield, a Netto, a terrific health food store, several bakers, a charming little bookstore, a thriving post office, several newsagents, chemists, a great antique shop, and a really excellent hardware shop that stocks everything imaginable, even though it seems far to small to have what you need. There is nothing important you can get in Tesco that you can't already get in Poynton. But if a large chain supermarket comes to Poynton, all of those local shops may go.

As well as the threat to our local businesses, a new large supermarket will bring more traffic through Poynton. Sadly, Poynton is already traffic hell as anyone who has visited me will agree. The village is nothing but a giant crossroads, with branching side-streets that don't join up. All traffic in the village is funneled through the junction at the village centre. And the frequent roadworks we seem to have snarl everything up unimaginably. The last thing we need is to attract more vehicles here.

There are already 12 branches of Tescos within 7 miles of Poynton. It worries me that one in every eight pounds British people spend, they spend in Tesco. I am alarmed that Tesco are expanding their range of services to include selling houses, selling insurance, internet services, pharmacy services etc. What is next? Funerals, weddings, a range of cars from a Tesco Value family hatchback model to a Tesco Finest sportscar? Will we live in Tesco houses full of Tesco furniture, and get on a Tesco bus to go to work at Tesco and earn money that we can use to pay off our Tesco loan that we got to spend in Tesco. I exaggerate of course. But the flip side of this flippancy is that I value the diversity and real choice provided by small local businesses, and I fear the uniformity a Tesco monopoly is bringing.

It's not just Tesco. I object to all the big 4 supermarkets for a variety of inethical, unfair and environmentally-damaging business practices. I can see that this issue right here on my doorstep will preoccupy my thoughts, so I am sure I will blog more about just what's wrong with big supermarkets over the coming months. But for anyone impatient to find out more, there is lots of information on the following websites: Many local shops here in Poynton have signs in the windows and petitions against the proposal. There has been a demonstration in the village against Tesco, although I didn't know about it so I didn't go. I've asked to be added to the mailing list so I can keep up to date about future events.


Anonymous said...

At PCC last month we were talking about the fireworks party we hold every year for the village. The vicar, who's new, asked where we got the fireworks from. A local supplier, we said. "Well, last year Tesco did a BOGOF so let's spend a bit less and get from Tesco this year" she said.

As one, we gave her A Look and explained that we'd rather spend £300 on fireworks from the local chap, who always bungs a few extra in free and donates the profits to a local charity, than saving money by going to Tesco.

benjymous said...

We're experiencing a similar thing in my town - the local Somerfield has closed down (ordered by the UK's competition watchdog!) and we're getting a Tesco in it's place (I really don't quite see the logic there...)

We'll carry on doing our shopping in the local co-op, anyway.

Anonymous said...

This is such a difficult topic - I am with you all the way, mainly because of the social interaction and community responsibilty that comes from small local businesses. But people vote with their feet and go to the cheaper supermarkets.

I have spent many hours outside various supermarkets lobbying for people to buy local, or at least British. When you ask them how they feel as they go in, they all say they want to buy local. But when you meet the same folk coming out, they admit that their purse has got the better of them & they have bought the cheapest.

By the way, you have won the Herb Character Competition on TopVeg. Congratulations & thanks for entering. If you send your address we will post the prize.

Anonymous said...

If Ballycastle can reject Tesco, then hopefully Poynton can too. Sadly, Huntly near us not only gave in to Tesco and Asda, but now a Lidl is on the cards as well.

Three major supermarkets for a town with a population of around 4,300 now with 4,500 predicted for 2011.

No wonder the butchers, grocers, furniture store, electrical store, chemists, newsagents, etc are all finding it difficult to survive.

Good luck in the fight.

Anonymous said...

It's a major problem, and I wish you all the best in your attempt to keep them out. Pity I can't do more than send good wishes, but every little helps...

Anonymous said...

Tesco sounds like Walmart in the United States. At first, Walmart was a wonderful thing because they went to smaller places where there were not stores and then with their lower prices the local stores started closing until there was not a lot of competition and then the prices went up.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of whining NIMBY's. It's OK if you can afford the local shop for local people prices. Get a life Poynton saddos.

Anonymous said...

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