Sunday, April 06, 2008

Confession of an Eco-Sinner

Mel hanging laundryIn yesterday's post about decorating, Anonymous said...
Just one little thought - re going to B & Q to buy paint testers - and I mean this kindly......are B & Q now making paint testers of environmentally-friendly paint?

Not as far as I know, Anonymous. To be honest I didn't give it much thought. My sister turned up, said "While I'm here, let's paint the living room", so we headed to the nearest big paint retailer to see what they had. I've never looked into eco-paints in the past. I suspect they cost more and have a limited range of colours. But maybe I'm wrong. I promise I'll look into it soon, and the next time I'm forced to decorate a room I'll know more about the options.

But the question raised some thoughts in me, thoughts I've been having for a while now. I didn't start this blog to be an eco-prophet. I didn't want to bring light to the ignorant and share my vision of the one true way towards sustainable living. I don't know the one true way, and I don't think anyone else does either. I'm slightly alarmed at being declared one of the 50 most powerful bloggers in the world because really I'm just a short, plump thirty-mumble-year-old part-time Open University lecturer, sitting on my bed with my laptop on a Sunday afternoon and writing about the things I'm trying to do to become a bit more eco-friendly. I worry that some Bean Sprouts readers don't realise that. I think some people think I get paid to do this. I don't. I think some people think I'm a professional journalist. I'm not. I think some people think I have qualifications and professional experience in environmental topics. Actually I just read a lot, and I am qualified in critical analysis - in separating good research from bad - so that helps. I try to live ethically as much as I can. But I'm not perfect and never will be. If you spotted in one of my photos that I was wearing a new pair of trousers, would you quiz me "Are those eco-trousers? Or are they just from M&S?"

I worry about things like Girl with a One-Track Mind, a woman who blogged anonymously about her sex life. When a national newspaper revealed her identity she lost her job, fell out with her family, and suffered all sorts of repercussions. If Bean Sprouts becomes popular enough, will journalists come and rummage through my black bin and write news stories because they found paper that could have been recycled but wasn't, packaging from ready meals, and McDonalds toys? They probably could find those things. Would that reveal me as a hypocrite?

I hope not, because there would be no way to totally avoid such accusations without living in a cave. And the one big important point I want to make in everything I write here is that you don't have to live in a cave. You don't have to be perfect. You don't have to do everything. But please do something. Don't think "It's too hard to be an eco-saint so I won't even bother trying". Instead think "I don't want to go totally vegan but I could eat a meatless meal once a week. I can't afford to super-insulate my house and install a ground heat pump, but I could stick my head in the loft and just see how much insulation I've got. I can't give up battery-powered gadgets altogether, but I can get a battery recharger. I can't do everything, but I can do something."

I'm on a journey to learn more and put what I learn into practice. I'm not perfect at present. I never will be. But I want to share my journey with you. Does that sound like a cop-out because I bought non-eco-paint? Are you disappointed in me? Please let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm not disappointed :)

Just wanted to say that I LOVE this blog ... my garden, children and house are sadly neglected at the moment because I'm reading my way through the archives!

We're all on a journey & yours is taking you to some fantastic places in an effort to tread more lightly & get more out of life. I'm heading that way too :)

Daisy said...

I'm not disappointed either! I, too, will be scanning your archives in the next few days - I'm totally intrigued now. I agree with your deeper thinking about how much sustainable living is enough, and I think the answer that something is better than nothing is motivating. Advocating living like an eco-saint is not motivating to the masses. And I think it's important that the masses see that little changes are worthwhile, and that perfection is not necessary to begin to feel good about our actions. I think it's important to be able to share ideas without being criticized for not being perfect. (though I'm sure the comment was made in good faith - and those comments should keep coming so more ideas get generated. I'm curious now and will go check out eco-friendly paint myself!) I also plan on checking back more often, and I can't wait to see what more your write!

Anonymous said...

I'm not disappointed Mel. Like you I try to live as lightly as possible, not just because I want the planet and its resources to last longer, but because, on the whole it saves me money, and I have been doing it for years and years.

By the way, this is Geraldine. Blogger won't acknowledge my password

However, I often feel guilty at the amount of resources I use buying things I don't actually NEED, but which I WANT, such as for example, DAB radios, which are made from plastic and metals and may even have harmful stuff in them, or CDs, which I can't resist because I love music, but I've had to accept that even as I can't be a perfect person in a religious manner, neither can I be a perfect eco-warrior, especially as I'm old and ill and a bit past it now.

What is important is balance. We may do things which are not exactly "green" but we can make up for it by doing other things that *are* green. But don't let's run away with the idea that we can "offset" our carbon footprint by paying someone else to do something positive instead of doing it ourselves.bramble01

Serena said...

I'll just echo the other comments. I'm disappointed at all. I expect the majority of people reading your blog are just like you trying to work out ways to make less impact in such a fragile place.

I am currently frustrated with the fact that I can't think of something to do with our veg peelings. So at the moment they are sent to a land fill where they won't decompose.If we could do something with our peelings I expect we could get away with one bag of rubbish a month.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I'm a compost addict, and have been for years, as well as finding 'jewels' in the rough at the recycle center or thrift store. My pet peeve is the manufacturers of everything under the sun who package the heck out of all their products - what do you do with all the plastic and useless hangers etc. that you get whenever you buy anything? Apparently, there was a push to get all food manufacturers to use the same size of glass containers so they could just be washed and re-used - guess what? They all wanted to keep their own 'brand identity' by making a one use container only. Booo! Hiss!

Anonymous said...

No, in fact though I have heard the term low-VOC or no VOC paint before I had never seen it until very recently. Now in the US some big name home improvement stores sell these paints although I don't know how the cost compares I do know that the color variety isn't the same.

The thing about being "green" is that you can almost always be greener so instead of tearing each other down for what we haven't done we should congratulate each other on our accomplishments.


JessTrev said...

Hey, I hear you, Melanie. I too like to share new info that I've found but have little pretense (i hope!) about the fact that I am verrrry light green myself. Trying to work on it, but a long ways to go (like most everyone I know). I love your blog and also your candor. We've used eco-friendly paint but never milk paints, which I think is much better. Everyone is taking the baby steps they can when they can. Keep writing! Love your blog.

just Gai said...

I'm not in the least disappointed in you Melanie. Quite the opposite in fact. If you were a super eco hero I'd feel threatened and demoralised and probably give up before I'd even started. The fact that you're fallible enough to have bought paint without even considering its impact on the environment shows that you're human, just like me (and your other readers), and offers comfort and reassurance on the journey we have embarked upon together.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading the results of your investigation into paint.

Petunia's Gardener said...

I love the real people side of blogging. WHen I land on those somewhat professional / "I'm out to change you" blogs, (vs. the here is where I am now/where are you? blogs), I don't go back. I'm here because you are you and you're willing to have the conversation without needing all the answers! Plus, it seems like you enjoy the blogging connection too. Can't wait to see the decorating results (do you & sis' take those decorating skills on the road?)

Nelly said...

Disappointed - not at all. It's impossible to be perfectly green. Your blog is great; an inspiration.

Joyce said...

Oh, good! Thank you for being a real person! Now maybe all the folks who were thinking "I can't do that" will realize they can.

Anonymous said...

Not disappointed! In fact, I'm ashamed to say I didn't even *think* about eco-paints on your redecorating post!

No, I completely agree that saying, "I can't do everything, but I can do this..." is much better than not doing anything at all.

You've never set yourself up as an eco-saint as far as I'm concerned. (Although I am quite impressed with what you do accomplish!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the green tips that you post. I have been really impressed by what you do and more importantly (to me) it has inspired me to be greener.

I don't expect you to be perfect. After all life isn't perfect. Thank you for all your thoughts ... there's no way I could be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

It's your total honesty, your forthrightness, that makes Bean Sprouts so great, Melanie, not your "eco-sanctity." Anybody can tell people what they ought to be doing. It's a lot harder to admit what you actually are doing for all the world to see. Kudos to you!!!

Anonymous said...

I know this is utterly off topic (Sorry Mel) but is Em Em as in Em and Jerry?

I only ask cos you said something about living in Bolton and I've lost their phone number!

Again, sorry Mel!!


donna said...

not disappointed in the slightest Mel! you're human like the rest of us.none of us are perfect, you're still an inspiration as far as i'm concerned so keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

This was one of the best yet Mel. You make me so proud. When I was teaching I used to love the way my pupils could advanced my education by their fresh approach to things, by the different slant they would bring to topics that had, for me, become a trifle stale. Now ? I have my daughters educating me; and my grandchildren. One of your commentators said "life isn't perfect". Well, I think it is. People aren't. With this agree, but life IS. It is beautiful, exciting, awe-inspiring, fascinating, wonderful. Someone else said they were "past it" well, again, I violently object to this phrase. There might be things I can no longer do, or, at least, not without pain or great difficulty, but I don't consider myself, or anyone else for that matter, PAST IT. Thankyou Mel for all the joy and love and new vistas you bring to my life.

Irish Sallygardens said...

Its not about being 100% green, that's just not attainable. It might be about having a conscience about what you do ... sometimes that comes before an event, sometimes like in this case, after. You have a strong eco conscience and you do what you can when you can. And in your case ... imagine ALL the changes other people have made in their lives as a direct result of your blog.

I bought eco paint for our bedrooms because normal paint gives me a really bad sore throat for a couple of days after using it (so with that slap in the face I have considered eco paint). We decided to paint halls in normal paint to save the pennies.

Last week I painted our sitting room ... I totally forgot about eco paint options and bought run of the mill stuff from local retailer! I only remembered the eco option once my throat started hurting half an hour into the job, doh! We are all human.

You're right, it is almost twice the price and colours are limited. I love Auro, or traditional Milk Paints used by the Shakers.

Anonymous said...

Mel, the more people who find and read your blog, the more people who will be disappointed by you and, in some cases, be threatened by you.

I have a more combative style on my blog, but like you I'm not trying to be a eco-prophet. I'm just talking about what we do, why we do it and what differences it has made and is making to us as a family. I also mention a few things that amuse, irritate, entertain or otherwise hold my attention.

While I get a lot of postive and interesting feedback, I also get a lot of very negative comments, too. It ranges from rants about my alleged hypocrisy (such as using a petrol-powered rotary hoe a couple of days a year instead of all hand tools) to death threats because I dare to love animals and love eating them, too.

The unfortunate truth is that people want to set others up on pedestals, then throw them down again. The media has now perfected this, highlighting someone's allegedly glorious achievements one day and then exposing their alleged flaws and failures the next.

It's yet another thing to add our long list of cultural failings and something else to try to rise above.

Keep up the thinking, the doing and the writing. It is appreciated.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Mel - I love this post and indeed it highlights the strong point that many bloggers are just ordinary people, going about their passions with the strength and the will to share.

A pedestal is not always a good place to be, no matter how you you get there. Last week, the BBC raised my profile as a model recycler, which baffled my modesty. It wasn't a comfortable place to be. I too am now waiting for someone to rummage through my bins looking to catch me out.

The best thing about what you do is the simple teachings and the demonstrations from the heart. They're not lectures just fantastic examples of your drive and enthusiasm for the good things in life as well as your bemusement at the bad.

I'll never be disappointed by your way of life, except if you decide to give it all up, buy a huge 4x4 and move to a mansion where you leave all your lights on! LOL - only joking, as I know you'd take advantage of the land for a small-holding and make the land available of allotments ;-D

P.S. I love Bill of Ballaugh almost as much as your blog. I think he deserves a round of applause too.

Unknown said...

At least what you write makes some people think about what they're doing.. in my book that's a good thing.. making people think even once, let alone twice, about the choices they make in life is what it all comes down to.. a lot of it is swings and roundabouts, but the idea is to make sure that we gain on at least one of them and don't lose on both..

Anonymous said...

this is really a good attitude about common life. I'm trying to practice it , although at some points i catch myself being a little bit more radical about ecological problems than normal. Talked with friends for some years that practicing it is not so hard. It just needs some willingness to do it. We aways start from nothing, doing the little things at first. Step by step all the little things gather and it appears that we have made one huge step. So keep on going ....

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is a cop-out to buy from B&Q, perhaps a little surprising to hear that you hadn't thought about it (at least before writing about it ;) ). No it's not disappointing, I am sure we all eco-sin and it means the information flow is two way.

Yes, most green paints are more expensive, but as I mentioned before, the lack of fumes as you apply it is almost worth it by itself. The colour range for most is very good. Availability is the big issue. As a compromise, I believe B&Q are doing a much larger range of low VOC paint now.


Anonymous said...

Oh and I don't think the original anonymous post about B&Q (Not me) was trying to knock you. Just asking as it wasn't the obvious eco route.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Mel. None of us are ever going to be ethically perfect. People are always discovering new problems with the ways we're living, or discovering holes in our current ethical approaches (biofuel from crops, anyone?).
It takes a while for this stuff to filter down and get applied to our lives. Also, we all have limits, in terms of time and money, which hinder our uptake of some approaches.
However, I do think though that we tend to reach a comfort zone, and everyone now and then we need to be prodded to move on. That's why your monthly challenges are great.

Pepette said...

Hi Mel,

I am not disappointed at all, and I really enjoyed this post. I totally believe that not everyone can be 100% eco friendly or live a 100% sustainable life. But we can ll try a little more and we should all inspire and encourage each other, not criticise people at the first opportunity...
Keep inspiring us and don't worry about not being "perfect" - no one is and certainly not me! :)

Nicky said...

Hi Mel
PLEASE don't feel as though you're letting people down by not being perfectly green at all times! You do SO much and your blog is full of brilliant ideas for lessening our impact on this beleaguered planet.
Reading your blog has frequently cheered me because I've realised there are actually lots and lots of us out there all doing our little bit, and that adds up to a lot of little bits....and that might make a real difference.
...and while I'm here, I just want to make a public confession to three cans of paint, a can of varnish and a small plant pot from B&Q yesterday. In my defense I just want to say it can happen to anyone! Honest Guv.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

There is the temptation to make out your life is perfect.. god knows i've fallen into that trap before now, feeling that something had to be perfect before i could post it. but i keep trying to grab myself by my shirt collar and shake myself and say "NO! it doesn't need to be! its your blog! post it!". ahem. :)

I think everyone else has said it far better than me, about the whole.. being green isn't about doing it 100% of the time, its about doing what you can, and i know if you were a preachy eco-saint then i probably wouldn't be reading you. I've been turned off a few blogs because they were preachy; i think you strike the right note of being inspirational while still being human. :)

speaking of being human: i think maybe we could all do with a "confessions" post. i know i could. so i'm gonna post one later, just so you know you're not alone. :)


Anonymous said...

Disappointed?! Far from! I used to get so freaked out because I couldn't do everything all at once - I couldn't afford all-organic food, I couldn't be a perfect vegetarian, I still can't get into a cold bed without running a hairdryer in it first (isn't that awful?), I ocassionally purchase new clothes, despite swearing never to do so again.

And you know what? Having all those expectations of myself and saying, well if I don't replace every lightbulb in my house with CFLs then I may as well not recycle then I may as well not try to buy one or two organic things... just made me lazier. Blogs like yours help me to stop expecting everything at once and to just take it one step at a time and do what I can. I absolutley adore your 'everyone can do something attitude'!

And yes, I def. think you're one of the fifty most powerful bloggers ;)

Absinthecity said...

One of the things I like most about you blog is how it isn't at all preachy, and is very much rooted in a real life (yours!)

Getting the tone write as an eco blogger is actually pretty difficult. I know from some of the comments I get that some readers will assume anything prefaced by 'green' is designed to make them feel guilty, when that isn't my intention at all. It's a bit like those people who immediately get on the defensive when you say you're vegetarian, assuming you're about to embark on a lecture. But I think you tread this line very carefully, and that's one of the good things about your blog.

Anonymous said...

It can be exhausting trying to remember to always think about the ecological side of things when you do anything.

I went through a phase of buying energy saving products, before releasing that just buying a whole load of stuff made from plastic just because they use less energy is often worse than making the most of what you've already got.

I'm not disappointed and I don't think you should feel bad about the odd slip up! After all, there are more things to consider than simply the eco paint - a lot of supposedly eco products have been air freighted in, you often can't buy it from a local store, and the stuff we've used has proven not to be as waterproof as claimed (so we've had to cover with non-eco gloss anyway!)

That said, it doesn't smell and it's really lovely to paint with.

Nancy J. Bond said...

I don't think it's a cop out at all. I believe that's how big things get many people doing small things. We can all do our part, however insignificant we might think it to be. :) Something is always better than nothing.

Allie said...

I think you are awesome and inspiring and honest.

Unknown said...

Hi Melanie!!!
I read your eco-suggestions from Italy everytime!
I am trying to make my life more sustainable, and you are a guide to me.
But I think that every person who strives to make a better world is a hero, even if it isn't possible to achieve perfection!
Without people like you (and other simple wonderful bloggers I knew) whose simple everyday life brings a contribution to environmental sustainability, we would be lost!
So go on your way, caring about your life and bringing us your example as you need! ;-)

Tia said...

I am not disappointed at all! I love reading your blog and have added it to my daily blogroll. You seem very down to earth and honest and this is what appeals to me. Keep on blogging and most of us will keep on reading!

Anonymous said...


Well - as put by another commenter - no, I wasnt "knocking" you when I put my query re whether B & Q is doing paint sample tins yet - I genuinely thought that they must be doing so now and I hadnt noticed them.

My take on matters of a "green" nature is sometimes I am forced to do "wrong" as the opportunity to do "right" just isnt there yet (as in I knew I was buying the "wrong" dustbin liners, as that was all that was available then - though I guess if I had been trying really hard I wouldnt have got dustbin liners at all). Now, however, I can do "right" - as the correct ones have now started to become available - ie made from plant material or some such. They cost LOADS more - but I am getting them).

The most important things to get "right" environment-wise are:
a. not to have more than 2 children.
b. Not to use a car if you can possibly help it (ie dont have one at all unless you live somewhere distinctly inaccessible and then keep use to a minimum).
c. Try not to buy a house that has been built on a greenfield site, someone else's garden or a flood plain.
d. Buy as high a proportion of food as possible as organic.
e. Dont use plastic bags.
f. Use natural cleaning materials only.
g. Refuse to have anything to do with resource wars.

My eco-sins I confess too are last year I had my first holiday for quite some years and I went by plane and I havent yet found the courage to do without make-up and hairdye (though I know these arent necessary) or the odd glass of wine or two.

anonymous (aka ceridwen)

Unknown said...

I had to think about the paint I used for the downstairs rooms here as I had lime plaster put on the walls after the concrete was chipped off & was told by someone who'd got it wrong that you then need lime based paint or it bubbles off the wall. The paint I used did come from B & Q! On the radiators & bathroom ceiling (plasterboard) I used ordinary paint ~ well bathroom & heat paint! I never thought about eco-paints. My mother is very intolerant of paint & gets quite ill when rooms are painted, but she was doing the cold-press with this "odd" paint & having fun.

Disappointed in you ~ NEVER. I love your blog & have learnt so much. Please could you help me put my briquette maker together ~ Annon unpacked it & mum & I are arguing over how it goes. I'm sure I'm right! It was my birthday present ~ inspired by you.

I was in Atlantic Homecare & Homebase yesterday, buying the shops up ~ plastic underbed storage for bedding, kitchen bin for dog food (Annon wanted her toy bin back & new doggy has learnt to open swing bins!), guttering bits, repair tape, dowel to mend my beloved clothes horse, shoe rack to keep them off the floor & maybe stop the dogs using them, coat pegs...

Melanie Rimmer said...

Thanks for your messages of support everyone. The best thing about blogging is the feeling of community that comes from the feedback in comments and emails and trackbacks etc. I had no idea this post would get such a reaction. I'm very happy to learn you don't all expect me to be St Melanie of GreenVille. If you did, then I really would want to go and live in a cave, just to hide from the pressure!

I didn't realise the original comment was from you, Ceridwen, and I didn't think you were knocking me at all! I'm glad you said it because I hadn't thought of eco-paints. It's given me something new to explore and learn about. I'm sure I'll write a blog post in future about my adventures tracking down the perfect eco-friendly-paint and using it to redecorate the hallway, or something. And anyway, it inspired this blog post which seems to have struck a chord with lots of people. So thanks very much for your comment, Ceridwen, and your kick up my backside - keep them coming!

archivesinfo said...

fabulous! I'm glad that you found my blog because it steered me to yours. I'm learning to take little steps toward more environmentally conscious living. I"m far from perfect and have a big carbon footprint, but I'm making it a little smaller one day at a time. I'm learning a lot through reading too. keep up the great work!

archivesinfo said...

Now I see that you are not the person who visited my blog...(my last message might have confused you) but I'm glad I stumbled upon you somehow.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't even have thunk it. I didn't assume that you were the end all be all. But I do appreciate reading about all that you are trying to do. Helps me to keep going and trying too.

Just take those 'aren't you perfect' comments and use them in your next blog. I guess you could add eco-paint to your to do blog list for those times when your tapped out of ideas to write about.

Top 50 bloggers? Wow! Congrats!

Keep up the good work and know that most of us are hoping that your not perfect. That's just way to much to aspire to. Makes me tired just thinking of it.

Anonymous said...

"Are you disappointed in me?"

Of course I am! You're supposed to be a perfect supermum/superwoman/superhuman thoroughly infuriating paragon of virtue.

Don't be silly Mel, of course we're not disappointed in you. We love you just the way you are. Don't stop being 'you' please :)


Anonymous said...

Of course I'm not dissappointed. I read your blog (and I'm another one reading my way through your achives) because you are not perfect. You don't make me feel guilty because I've eaten a pizza or turned the heater on when I'm cold. You just make me think, give me ideas about ways I can change, one step at a time.
You make me feel good about the things i do do, not too bad about the things I don't.
I try a little hard because of you.

Pippa (only anonymous because I can't workout the other options)

The Diva said...

Girl, I'm thrilled you wrote the truth. We're all just trying to live as eco-friendly, life friendly, blogging friendly as possible. At least I hope so. You keep doin' what you're doin'. I'll keep reading. Maybe we'll all learn something.~~Dee

Fred said...

I always wish to live like that

RosieB said...

Excellent post! 'I cant do everything, but I can do something' is a thought worth hanging onto.

We're all making our own way, works in progress. Each of us can decide what is important for US, regardless of what is important to friends, family, neighbours, bloggers, blog visitors et al.

Great blog! I'll be back :)

Anonymous said...

Mel, I feel the same way too with my blog - it is baring yourself and your thoughts to the world and that is a very brave thing to do. Keep on writing like this, because you're changing the world.

With lots of love,
Rob x

Crafty Green Poet said...

We all need to do our bit, no-one does everything, certainly it seems to be impossible to be perfectly environmentally friendly within the context of society as it is. Everyone who is sharing their journey like you are is an inspiration to loads of other people and hopefully ideas spread.

The Ecologist advertises Eco Paints by the way, not that I've ever tried them. We're too lazy to decorate, which we can pretend is an environmental choice.

Anonymous said...

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