Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tom's Scones

In September my eldest son, Tom, started high school. This means he is doing all sorts of subjects he has never studied before, such as Spanish, drama and cooking (although they call it "food technology"). Unlike his brother and sister, Tom was never interested in cooking with me at home, and claims not to enjoy it at school either. But he seems to have a natural talent. Yesterday he made these cherry scones, and they were delicious - quite unlike the hard grey lumps I produced the first time I ever attempted them.


our friend Ben said...

Congrats Tom! Perhaps success will spur interest.

Deb King said...

Oooh - you can bring some when you visit us! Well done Tom.

Anonymous said...

Hee! It must be catching! Nicholas has discovered what I used to call cookery and what the comprehensive call home economics.

Yesterday morning's breakfast was home made shortbread :)


Carol said...

Mmmm scones. Yum

Gary and Jen, and Ruby and Peter said...

mmmm I luv cherries,
bet they were gorgeous !

And the recipe is where ?

Bill of Ballaugh said...

Eyes and hands off, the lot of you! Only for his Grandad is Tom learning to cook. Right Mel. Make sure there's plenty of flour, butter, mixed, dried fruit AND CHEESE in for Christmas.