Friday, April 16, 2010

Are Supercars Good For The Environment?

I was reading a car magazine recently (I was in the local fish and chip shop waiting for Ed's vegetarian chop suey roll to cook, and there wasn't a lot of choice, ok?) and there was an article about the new McLaren supercar. I was reading about the work they have done to get the weight as low as possible, including building it partly from carbon fibres instead of steel. The magazine said that this was good for the car's eco-credentials, which made me snort loudly and brought stares from all the other people in the queue.

Maybe when we replace the VW Polo I'll ask Ed if we can get a McLaren instead. "It's not for me, darling, it's for the sake of the planet!"



Anonymous said...

Is that the actual car? It doesn't look remotely green (literally or figuratively!) but it's very pretty.

Personally, I make up for my Formula 1 obsession by not running a car myself. ;-)

Yellow said...

If I got the supercar I want then my carbon footprint would reduce considerable, as I wouldn;t be able to afford food, clothes, holidays, or even petrol. Maybe supercars are the solution. One for the Monster Raving Loony Party methinks.