Friday, April 09, 2010

G&T @ the V&A

We loved the quilt exhibition. Even Stephanie(who had been a bit dubious about it) had a great time. We were starting to suffer from museum fatigue so we went to an outdoor courtyard and cooled our feet in the fountain whilst drinking gin and tonics. Steph is sketching whilst I update the blog. Next - Harrods (v. unlikely to buy anything but I've never even been inside and I wanted to see it.


Little sis Lindseu said...

I remember going to a quilting exhibition in Harrogate with you about 6 years ago.

I too was dubious, and ended up having a wonderful, interesting and informative time... then fell asleep on the grass outside cos I'd driven to Ireland and back the previous 36 hours with a recently fractured ankle and freaked out some quilters cos they thought I was dead... hey ho!

Little sis Lindsey... with a Y! said...

By the way, when you approve that last comment, can you spell my name correctly for me???

Melanie Rimmer said...

Sorry, I can either include it or delete it but (you may be relieved to know) I can't actually edit other people's comments or their names. Good job, really or who knows what mischief I might get up to.

I remember that exhibition in Harrogate too. That was a super day. You were very lucky when those quilters thought you were dead that they didn't start snipping small pieces of fabric from your clothing.