Saturday, November 17, 2007

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Make Yogurt

  • it's the easiest culture you'll ever make, easier than ginger beer or sourdough bread
  • it's cheaper than buying it
  • you can have organic yogurt, skimmed milk yogurt, gold top yogurt, goat's milk yogurt, Jersey yogurt - anything you like
  • it's fun to know how things are made
  • you can make it into soft cheese
  • it's delicious
  • it's good for you
  • you can put a dollop in a chili or curry that's too hot and it will cool it right down
  • you can make a quick and low fat salad dressing (just add your favourite seasonings, stor, and use like mayonnaise)
  • you can freeze it and make home-made frozen yogurt - now that really is the good life


Anonymous said...

You can add hedgerow gathered, home-grown, even store-bought, fruit and nuts, and juices made therefrom. Double-delicious.

Anonymous said...

You can use lactose-free or lactose reduced milk (Lactaid is one U.S. brand). This milk also works in paneer which makes an acceptable substitute for ricotta in Italian recipes. So many recipes reclaimed!

Anonymous said...

OK you have talked me into it!!! I have been thinking about it for a couple of months....I am also working on a rag rug inspired by your blog also...and a sock monkey and jumper bunny....I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! have a great day!!!

Um Naief said...

interesting. i've never thought of making it. i think i'll give it a try.

what's the difference between regular yogurt and greek yogurt? do you know?

we get greek yogurt here w/ a tad of honey and it's the best thing ever. i wonder how it differs when making it?!

Melanie Rimmer said...

I agree, Um Naief, I love Greek yogurt. You can make it really easily - follow my directions, and when the yogurt is ready, pur it into a muslin bag and hang it up over a bowl for a couple of hours. Some of the liquid will drain away and the remaining yogurt is thickened. You can hang it longer for a thicker yogurt or for a shorter time if you prefer it thinner. If you hang it overnight it will be so thick you can use it like cream cheese. This is a great thing to do with skimmed milk yogurt - it tastes rich and creamy even though it's fat-free. But of course if you do it with full-fat yogurt it will be very rich and special.

Deirdre - glad you're enjoying it. Watch out with taking on so many projects at once. Some of them might turn into UFOs (UnFinished Objects)

Good tip anonymous, although some lactose-intolerant people can eat yogurt as the lactose is partially digested by the yeasts. I know some people can't, though, so using lactose-free milk would be a great help.

You're right Dad. My favourite is Greek yogurt with honey, as Um Naief said. Wish I'd had a honey harvest from my bees this year :-(

Um Naief said...

thanks for your tips.

love your blog!

Unknown said...

Melanie, you are absolutely correct about how good yogurt is for us, especially for our digestion. Now thanks to your wonderful advice, my family can enjoy perfect, delicious, thick yogurt anytime they want :-)

ALM said...

Hi Melanie

From what I've browsed, yours seems the easiest way to make yogurt. Thanks!

Grateful if you can advise: Do you know if yogurt can be made solely from whey protein?

Anonymous said...

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