Friday, November 27, 2009

Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day 2009 is this Friday. I suggest you do something fun that doesn't involve shopping. Have a family movie night with home-made pizza or popcorn. Play a board game with your loved one, or play video games with your friends. Visit your parents or your relatives. Invite your neighbours over for a coffee and a chat. Phone an old friend you haven't spoken to for years. Put all those photographs into an album like you keep meaning to do. Or go through your wardrobe and sort everything into three piles - keep, repair, thrift shop.

What are you going to do for Buy Nothing Day this year?


Randy Emmitt said...

Going to just hang out with the family. All the family ladies are breaking these rules today as they were going out for pedicures.

just Gai said...

I'm confused Melanie. I thought the UK BND was tomorrow (Saturday 28 November) so that's when I'm 'celebrating' it. I don't suppost it matters anyway.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was tomorrow as well, but the source I found said "00:00 Friday to 00:00 Saturday", which I took to mean "midnight Thurs/Fri to midnight Fri/Sat". I did buy something today though, despite my resolve. I was waiting in outpatients and treated myself to a book to read and a couple of trolley tokens from a charity stall. Oh, and a cup of tea from the WRVS.

I shall have another go tomorrow.


Mam said...

Hello Mel, how are you?

We've had to buy nothing regularly for about five months now, since dh's job was first threatened (then he lost it, now he commutes to Leeds from Sunderland to do a much lower salaried job, yadda yadda, you get the idea!)

Can't believe how not only am I surviving, I'm actually probably happier!

The odd thing I do buy like a half of fosters in the pub down the beach is really appreciated now, not taken for granted, so when I do buy I'm still enjoying myself more than before. And it's nice to feel in control of my budget.

Folk in my family are getting toffees and peppermint cremes made by me and dd1 this year for Christmas. The kids are so far surprisingly accepting of the idea of a lot elss stuff for christmas - hope that lasts!

I didn't know it was buy nothing day today though, I've been to Aldi and got a couple of luxuries sucha s a stollen and put them away for Christmas. Hey ho - I'll plod on tomorrow!

Hazel xx

Mam said...

Oh and i'm spared the Christmas crowds because i can't compete with buying presents to prove how much I love everyone (sarcasm) with no money! Bliss!

Jopanofmanypets said...

baked cakes and steamed pudding, walked the dog, ate cheese and drank wine at mum and dads erm... i'm writing this... I had a bath, read a book etc.

Unknown said...

Ummmm, I didn't catch the farmer who delivers my horse & poultry feed once a week, so spent nothing, but owe for 4 sacks of feed! This wasn't intentional, he was just very early ~ last week he was a day late