Friday, November 27, 2009

Vegetables Are All Your Body Needs

I loved this ad by the International Vegetarian Union. So clever.

Via Neatorama


heather t said...

Woo, that is a LOT of ginger! :)

ha - verification word is "fries"!

femsc said...

Or are they Jerusalem artichoke tubers?

Whichever, it's very clever. Very clever indeedy.


TopVeg said...

what brilliant lungs the caulis make!

Z said...

Ginger - the skin isn't quite right for Jerusalem artichokes.

Brilliant picture, very effective. Of course, the caption is inaccurate, you won't get enough nutrition from just veggies, but the picture stands up without the title.

Yellow said...

Z, do you need pulses and grains too, is that what you mean?

mangocheeks said...

I saw it too and thought how Very innovative. Another way to see veg!

to make extra money said...

LOL the pic is funny. I don't love eating vegetables though.

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