Sunday, June 27, 2010

Peace in the Garden

I can't do everything, but if I do the important things first, take one step at a time, and accept the help of my family, I can find peace.
I am sitting in the garden right now with an ice cold smoothies made partly from my own strawberries, the first of which ripened today. The house is clean and tidy. The lawn is mowed and the plants watered and fed, as are the fish and the chickens. The washing is hanging on the line. All my essays are marked.
The garden looks great - the beans have climbed to the top of their bamboo pyramid and are starting to climb up the wisteria. The tomatoes are growing big and strong and starting to make flowers. The spuds are growing strongly, despite the dog's penchant for digging them up and eating them. I've been harvesting salad leaves for a while now, but am still awaiting the first radish harvest. The herbs are looking great, especially the mint. The rhubarb is doing well as are the courgettes. The garden is also full of flowers, and bees, and butterflies (I am not a fan of butterflies. Oh they look pretty and are harmless enough, but the caterpillars are buggers).
Peace? Yes, I'd say so.


Stone Art's Blog said...

Yum they look good :P

Layla said...

They look pretty!

It seems strawberries ripen later in UK than here? (At least something, if you won football!! :( grr!)

Thanks for info about the new color schemes, I went for new look too!:)

Glad you managed to find some peace! YAY!

Yellow said...

Because it's rained the last few days I haven't had to water, which I miss because it gives me quiet time to check over everything plant by plant.

freerangegirl said...

strawbs look lovely - the real trick is getting them into the house before they get scoffed!

Matron said...

It is just the most perfect time of year in the veggie garden. Quite right to sit back and enjoy all your hard work.

Z said...

Plenty of butterflies, like bees, are a sign of healthy biodiversity, however. Where pesticides are used, you don't get butterflies.

Having said that, cabbage whites are not welcomed in the least - but I always leave a patch of nettles for caterpillars.

Solar Energy Facts said...

Nothing like a nice cold smoothing knowing all the fruits in it are from your own garden! Nice.

Solar Energy Facts said...

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Please edit the last post Admin. Many thanks.