Monday, May 05, 2008

Carnival of the Green # 126

Bean Sprouts is proud to host the 126th Carnival of the Green. Thanks to the previous host, The Conservation Report, who hosted on April 28th.

All photographs come from the blogs featured. Click the photo to go to the blog.

Marguerite Manteau-Rao of La Marguerite offers When Blogging is not Enough, a heartfelt reflection on the limitations of green blogging, followed by a lively discussion from readers on its merits, and why blogging is a valuable tool in the climate fight.

Kleercut Campaign LogoJoel from Life Goggles offers a video review of a Fairtrade Soccer Ball, and finds out it takes 90 years to grow a box of Kleenex.

Earth Day Preachin' Misses the (M)Ark - Grist tries to faith-i-fy their Earth Day blogging with this sermon on Noah and the Ark by Ken Ward of the Unitarian-Universalist First Church in Jamaica Plain, Mass. Don Bosch at The Evangelical Ecologist says his reasoning for taking care of God's critters doesn't stand up to scrutiny

Chad of Digiblog offers Fore: Golf and the Environment, a discussion of the positive and negative contributions of golf to the environment.

Think Globally, Shop LocallyBeth Terry of Fake Plastic Fish offers Earth Day 2008: Pieces of a World that I Love, a moving photo essay remembering that our earth is more than some elusive green wilderness. It's everything around us every day.

Luann Rudolph of Take Back The Filter writes Take Back the Filter Catches Clorox’s Attention. Clorox responds to our effort but needs much more encouragement from consumers to develop a recycling program for BRITA cartridges in North America.

Lynn from OrganicMania also has issues with Clorox in Still No In-Store Refill Containers for Clorox Green Works. Companies "going green" need to explore all aspects of a product's environmental impact - including packaging.

Cat Killing a BirdArgh! No! I didn't want to read this! Sally Kneidel of Veggie Revolution offers Housecats Kill Hundreds of Millions of Birds Annually. She says:

Housecats kill hundreds of millions of American birds and small mammals every year, and it isn't "natural" predation. Read Veggie Revolution this week and find links to the American Bird Conservancy's Cats Indoors! program, and the Humane Society's data showing that indoor cats are both healthier and much longer-lived.

I'm getting a kitten in a few weeks' time and once he's neutered he won't be an indoor cat. This is one of those issues that rouses strong feelings on both sides, as demonstrated by the comments on Sally's post.

Lill Hawkins of LILL’s LIST offers It’s Spring! Time to Think About A Greener Winter. After a long, cold, Maine winter, all we want to do is revel in the warmer days and spring pursuits, like gardening and getting outside. Unfortunately, that's exactly what we shouldn't be doing. It's even more important to think about winter in the spring than it is in the winter.

Another video entry from Joe of Green Thinking for the Average Joe in Hypercars - Crazy Efficient Cars Presented by Amory Lovins. A short summary of how much more efficient cars could be, and a great 10-minute video about hypercars.

Yoga matsNeil guest posts at Allie's Answers as part of his Cambodia Challenge to tell us about a yoga mat that's ecofriendly and effective.

L. Jordan Contreras of Guffly offers What the Filter, which describes the benefits of using reusable filtered water bottles.

That's it from this Carnival. The 127th Carnival of the Green will be published on May 12th at The Evangelical Ecologist.


Anonymous said...

A lot of interesting things to look at here, thanks for giving me a whole lot of other blogs for me to spend my time reading!

One the subject of cats I am definately anti- but I won't go into a big rant here!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Many interesting sites to explore -- I'll be on the lookout for #127!

Joyce said...

Thanks for the link to The Evangelical Ecologist. His blogroll in itself is a gold mine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my post! You did a really nice round-up - I know it's a lot of work, so thank you!

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

Some really interesting stuff here, thanks! I am curious as to why you have already determined that your cat will be an outdoor cat given all the evidence as to their rapacious nature and the health benefits to keeping them indoors? Is this some sort of ethical thing for you as in "it would be unkind to confine puss", or do you have rodent problems you are hoping to contain? I love cats, have had both indoor and outdoor cats and have two cats now. Would have three but poor Jazzy died. I would no more allow them to roam than I would allow my dog to roam free. Given what I have learned I believe outdoor cats should be trapped and turned over to a shelter.

Neza S.G. said...

Interesting post...Hey, I have some fun fashion ideas for you on my blog...Photos from the Minneapolis May Day Parade. My favorite is the bubble-wrap skirts the ladies were wearing.

The Rock and Roll Gardener

Anonymous said...

Lovely work!

Jordan said...

Great article,

Thanks for the mention.

Much guffly love.

L. Jordan Contreras

Jim Jepps said...

Nice work - well done

Anonymous said...

These are great Melanie, and I wans't aware of any of them. Thanks so much for rounding them up for us!

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...


I skimmed the article and left this comment on her blog:


Although you may have reason in some aspects, the natural thing is for the animals to live outside, not inside homes.
If there's a small number of birds, is it because of cats or because of humans ?
Namely because of construction (including the house that you live in) and the polution that we make ?
And would you like to be an indoor citizen ? "

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Regarding cats, I haven't read the article yet so maybe I should do that first, but I just wanted to get in my 2 cents before I get distracted and forget to do it. We have two housecats that are just that, housecats. They were born wild in our friends' basement and taken in and fostered by them until 2 months old. Then, we adopted two of them. They have never lived outdoors and only know what they're missing from what they see through the window.

I believe that the danger to birds, Jose, is that house cats are not really living outdoors. Yes, they may live there, but they are fed by humans. And this gives them an unfair advantage over other animals. They will kill birds for sport, not simply for food to stay alive. And there is no natural check on their population because humans are supporting them.

Also, outdoor cat poop can contain toxoplasma gondii which is harmful to sea otters (if the cats live in an area where water runs into the ocean.)

Our cats will always be indoor cats. Yes, I do sometimes feel sorry for them that they can't hunt outside the way they are evolved to do. But I think in the bigger picture, it's better to keep them in.

And thanks for an excellent Carnival, Melanie.

Melanie Rimmer said...

I don't want to get into the indoor/outdoor cat argument. It's like gun control - noone ever changes their mind and people end up falling out over it. I'll just make some observations about the debate itself, though. I believe there's something of a Europe/Americas divide. In the UK at least it would be considered unusual to keep indoor cats and you'd keep having to explain yourself to visitors why you are keeping your pets in such an unconventional way. In the States, as far as I can tell, the opposite is true and people who let their cats roam are often thought inconsiderate and unreasonable.

Lill has every right to put her point of view on her blog. And of course I included her submission in this Carnival even though I don't agree with all her points. If you all want to debate the topic in these comments, then that's fine - just please keep it friendly and reasonable, as you have done so far. But I won't be joining in.

Anonymous said...

I think you must be right about US/Europe divide. I have never heard of an indoor cat - what a strange idea.

Marguerite Manteau-Rao said...

Thanks for including La Marguerite, and for the nice round up.

For those of you not yet aware of the 350 meme initiative from Bill McKibben, I would like to offer this link:

It seems like a very worthwhile viral initiative for all green bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Lots to read as always and more blogs to discover - that's why I love the Carnival!

I can't resist sticking in a quick comment about cats... I do think it depends on whether you have a house cat or an outdoor cat, and above all on whether you feed them enough to keep them from looking for other sources of food. I've had 2 cats neither of which liked birds: the first was a siamese who thought he was human so preferred human food (raw beef, yoghurt...), whilst the second is so much of a house cat that she still has pink paws at 15 years old, and is scared of everything, even our pet rabbit!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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