Monday, October 22, 2007

Energy Saving Week

It's National Energy Saving Week, the Energy Saving Trust's nationwide event to get Britons saving energy. You can commit to saving your 20%, find out how influential you are when it comes to spreading the word about fighting climate change, or get a grant to generate your own energy.

If you want some ideas about saving energy, how about reading up on energy saving kettles, energy saving set-top boxes, energy saving lightbulbs, or watch a video for some top tips. You could even submit a 60-second short film on climate change action to Sky’s ‘Green Shoots’ competition. The winner will have their 60 second short film shown on Sky TV.
I just got up from the computer and switched off six appliances that shouldn't have been left on in the first place. What are you going to do for energy saving week?


Anonymous said...

Well, I made the mistake of putting energy-saving lightbulbs in a touch lamp - messed up the "touch" thing - should have realised that they'd not be suitable for that sort of thing. The lamp illuminates. Two options - turn it into an ordinary lamp putting a switch in the cable, or get OH to fix it (can get the component from Maplins) and use with ordinary light bulbs. From reading things on the web about touch lamps - they can be quite temperamental and perhaps not worth having...

Anonymous said...

Some of us can't save 20% as we're already past the baseline. By that, I mean not only have we curbed consumption in many areas, but we've cut it to zero.

So I can't cut car use as I swapped the car for a bike and we only use the OH's car for essential journeys. Everything else is foot or bike.

I can't turn appliances off that we don't have.

I can't replace three inefficient light bulbs with energy efficient ones as we don't have three to replace.

Turning the washing machine to 30C would use more energy than now as we use cold wash most of the time.

I know the campaign is aimed at the guilt-ridden middle class professional who wants to make a gesture, but it would be nice if there was something to challenge we hard core nutters, too.

And don't tell me about signing up to get 100 neighbours to change - we have four neighbours who already think we're totally bonkers!

Peggy said...

using energy saving light bulbs, no longer using my washer/dryer. Instead using washtubs and clothesline,using oil lamps in the evening as it makes the home feel warm and cozy with their soft light. Instead of turning on the electric heat we will be heating with wood and also cooking on woodstove when it gets cool enough.Each month I love seeing how much lower our electric bill has gone.

Anonymous said...

I have a good response to this. I used no heating or lighting etc at home this week, only the fridge freezer, because we've been in Vienna this week for a second honeymoon, thanks to you, Mel, looking after our kids this week.

Anonymous said...

I used the word 'week' at lot there, didn't I?

Anonymous said...

I'm nosey - but what 6 appliances had you left on? Cos when I read your blog.. the only appliances we had on were the fridge and freezer, my bedside clock radio and the computer I am using right now...

Chervil said...

We have cut our energy consumption by over 25 per cent. This is what we did:

- replace almost all incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient ones (the two we didn't replace have dimmers which don't work with energy efficient light bulbs)

- Where possible, we turned off all appliances (TV, video, microwave, stereo, computers, printer, scanner etc) at the powerpoint rather than leaving them on stand-by. This measure alone saved us around ten percent of your energy use!

- Use slow cooker and pressure cooker for cooking.

- Move children into one bedroom over winter so you have fewer rooms to heat.

- Bake all our bread in one sitting instead of several times a week.

- Where possible, use the microwave instead of the oven.

- Always turn the lights off when leaving a room.

- Turned off our freezer. I will be canning our produce this year, using a pressure canner.

- Use water saving shower heads and have fewer and shorter showers. Heating up water for your shower is a major contributor to your energy use.

And to reduce our footprint further, we subscribed to a 100 per cent renewable energy option with our energy provider. That way, the remaining energy we do use in our household will come from renewable sources and not from burning coal.

Melanie Rimmer said...

Red - let's see, there were two lights which had been switched on whilst it was still dark, and no-one had switched them off when it got light. The dishwasher and washing machine had been on and had finished their cycles, but were still switched on and drawing a little power. Our electric cooker has a digital clock that draws power when the cooker is not in use, so I usually switch it off at the wall, but that was still on. That's five isn't it? I can't remember what the sixth thing was. Maybe there were three lights on, not two.

Anonymous said...

must admit, I often find the washing machine still on with its little digital display, even though its long finished. not much lecky, but it all makes a difference eh? did find out with one of those plug in read your electricity usage things that the under counter fridge we inherited with the house was using a stonking amount of electricity - its not in use any more!

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